Portable Smart Lamp w/Motion Sensor

  • $41.95

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Equip your home with these innovative smart sensor lights.

These sophisticated sensor lights are a quick, easy way to make your home safer and more comfortable. The best part is they have an elegant sleek wood design, so they look amazing both ON and OFF.

Also installing them is as easy as can be, simply attach the base to any surface, and you can detach them at will. These bright lights use advanced motion sensors to illuminate where the action is while you're home, and then automatically turn off when the coast is clear.

Use them anywhere, for indoor/outdoor, basement, bathroom, storeroom, garage, front door, stairs, cabinets, hallway, etc.

Choose from our stunning 2 wood options.

  • Portable or Stationary feature
  • Smart motion sensor
  • Safe & easy to install
  • Material: Wood & acrylic
  • Switch Type: Motion Sensor
  • Wood options: Cherry wood or light wood