Heva Modern Area Rug

  • $47.95

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The Heva modern area rug is the perfect mix of semi-solid shade with waves of gradient coloration that offers the comfort and luxury of a modern rud at an excellent affordable price. This round-shaped rug offers the softest, most pleasant feel imaginable in a rug, while the velvety, shaggy pile gives this rug its luxurious look and feel.

Its perfect looks and coziness do not take away from its durability, and the Heva rug is tough enough to be placed in high-traffic areas.

Choose from our 16 different modern designs and get ready to accentuate that lovely room of yours.

  • Cozy design
  • Different styles
  • Easy to maintain
  • Material: 100% Soft Poliester
  • Sizes: 120x120 and. 140x140