Mildra Sectional Convertible Sofa

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Get to meet the exceptional Mildra Sectional Convertible Sofa 

This gorgeously crafted adjustable chaise sofa provides a luxury statement to your cozy home and its modern appearence can fit into any decor setting you may already have at home. Made with a sofa and a chaise, both furniture can be adjust to function as sitting or sleeping position based on the ocasion. Having those extra guests now becomes a convinent and easy way to feel everyone at home, since this sofa can instantly host your guests overnight without issues.

Choose from our 3 beautiful color versions.

Product Dimensions:-

Adjustable Sofa (UP) :- 71" x 33" x 31"H

Adjustable Sofa (FLAT) :- 71" x 43 x 17"H

Adjustable Chaise (UP) :- 62" x 30" x 31"H

Adjustable Chaise (FLAT) :- 71" x 30 x 17"H

Approximate Overall Dimensions - 101" x 62" x 31"H