BHOM VU Premium Acacia Wood Utensil Set

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Our Bhom Vu acacia wood kitchen utensils are must-haves in any stylish, modern, and practical kitchen. Ideal for preparing a wide range of food, these wooden kitchen spoons are a practical cooking and serving solution.

NEW AND IMPROVED DESIGN: Your kitchen deserves practical utensils, but style should not come second. That is why our kitchen cooking utensils set features a stunning string design on the handle that offers each accessory a unique look. The wooden cooking utensils make for a lovely housewarming, wedding, or engagement present too.

COMPLETE SET: The BHOM VU acacia kitchen utensil set comes with 6 different spoons and spatulas that allow you to stir, flip, and mix delicious ingredients. You get a 12.4-inch pasta spoon, 11.2-inch salad spoon, 10.5-inch soup spoon, 11.2-inch sotted spoon, 12.4-inch flat spatulas, and 13.3-inch curved spatulas.

SAFE COOKING: The healthy cooking utensils are made of 100% acacia wood, a durable and natural material that will pass the test of time. Featuring a smooth and glossy surface, these cooking utensils are splinter-free, as well as BPA-free, as well as gentle with non-stick surfaces.

ENHANCED DURABILITY: Because they are made with some of the most durable wood, our kitchen serving utensils can withstand extreme temperatures, which makes them a great cooking solution. They are also easy to wash and ideal for a wide range of recipes.